The L&C approach

Only our approach goes the last mile – from each single data point to the whole picture.

Scientific Literature

Data points

Conventional Search Engines

Data points by relevance

Conventional Databases & AI

Data points by relevance and connections

L&C Approach

L&C draws the complete picture & offers ready-to-use analyses

Our unique approach:

The L&C Decision Matrix

The L&C Decision Matrix provides an overview of all decision-relevant aspects which are based on underlying analyses and data points. Therefore, for the first time, our unique approach allows simple back tracing from the decision matrix all the way down to the finest details. Our clients receive the complete picture – both detail, and overview.

The underlying method follows a systematic, standardized approach: manual data search and entry followed by standardization to reduce data heterogeneity and increase comparability. In this way we are able to use more relevant data points than any other provider or solution currently available.


Minimize the risk of failing compounds.


Get the best out of your product.

Niche Identification

Focus on product differentiation to identify the most adequate niche.

Portfolio Assessment

Project evaluation
and ranking.


Find out what your patients really need.

Our standardized work process

Highly customized reports:

Graphical visualization
of complex relations

Our unique format

L&C Smart Report

At a glance:
  • Immediate access to all decision-relevant information
  • Easy switch between overview and detail
  • All results visible with a few clicks
  • Interactive browsing through the different aspects
  • Clear read-out
  • Transparency through strictly defined evaluation criteria
  • Citations for all data points available upon a click

Your Benefits

Selected by R&D professionals and digitally processed with human intellect and understanding.

No additional efforts for further data search/compilation needed

Security of knowing all relevant information

SOP-driven & quality-controlled data selection and evaluation

Only relevant data: Highest possible sensitivity and specificity of search process

Of each data point