Our Clients

  • Top 20 companies* from the pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech fields, as well as startups and biotechnology investors
  • Spread across the globe (America, Europe, Asia, Australia)
  • Represented in all the main disease areas, including oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, infections, autoimmune diseases and CNS disorders, as well as orphan indications
  • R&D portfolio covering the main compound classes (e.g. small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, gene & cell therapies, vaccines) and various medical device classes
  • Transaction volume of supported start-up companies amounting to > 2 billion US$

*Client relationships based on trust and openness are an essential working principle of Lampe & Company. Due to the sensitive nature of much of the information we exchange with our clients, we deliberately refrain from stating the names of corporations here. On request, we are glad to mediate the direct contact to our clients’ contact partners.

Our Team

Our team consists of data analysts with profound medical and life sciences background.


Portrait PD Dr. Johannes Lampe

PD Dr. Johannes Lampe


  • Founder (2007) and sole owner of L&C
  • Medical doctor of Virology, Neurologist
  • Profound experience in Pharma R&D
  • Strong basic research background
Portrait Dr. Claudia Behrens

Dr. Claudia Behrens


  • Joined Lampe & Company in 2008
  • PhD in Molecular Virology from the
  • Master’s degree in Biotechnology
  • Broad scientific track record

Reasons to believe

Founded in Berlin in 2007, Lampe & Company has many years of accumulated experience.

Our team of experts combines industry expertise with the unique L-Matrix methodology and exclusive relational L&C database to provide critical information to leading decision makers in pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We support and facilitate operational and strategic decisions in all phases of the R&D process, from single studies to portfolio level.

Our clients value the high degree of transparency and traceability of the L&C approach, achieved through clear evaluation criteria and the documented reference to each individual data point.

Smart Data

Based on more than 13 years of experience in the standardization and structuring of scientific
information, we perform manual data entry and analysis.
Only this approach enables the acquisition of all relevant data from a scientific publication. Not least in its level of detail, this approach is unique worldwide.

Smart Report

The unique way of presenting scientific data, which allows an immediate switch between scientific detail from a publication and an overview of the relevant aspects. In a Smart Report, the data is prepared/aggregated in such a way that it is immediately accessible for a decision.

High quality approach

Based on all relevant data from the scientific literature, selected by scientists and digitally processed with common sense.