What some of our clients say about us:

Biomarker development requires the integration and interpretation of complex scientific data to provide the basis for decision making in the pharmaceutical industry. The approach by Lampe & Company supports management and project teams to achieve oversight based on a detailed scientific assessment. Relating the scientific results to competitor compounds and the targeted indications leaves clients with an unmatched clarity of their assets and opportunities.
Joachim Struck, PhD,
Director Intellectual Property Development, B·R·A·H·M·S Aktiengesellschaft; Hennigsdorf, Germany

Having had very positive experiences with the comprehensive data reports generated by Lampe & Company in the past, I have now successfully introduced their services to Alliance Pharma.
Lars Börger, Country Manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria at Alliance Pharma

Based on the available literature, Lampe & Company provided us with a comprehensive assessment of the current and future market for a phase II compound in one of our core indications. They integrated our proprietary clinical data and generated SWOT analyses for both our compound as well as one of its most threatening competitors. These analyses are frequently used as an important source for our strategic decision making.
Jasper van de Sande, Business Intelligence Manager, Janssen Therapeutics