Case Study Oncology: Indication Selection

The R&D management of a mid-size pharmaceutical company
hired L&C to:

  • As part of defining the long-term strategy, L&C was engaged to help
    • identify one out of five therapeutic areas best suited for future development
    • identify the most attractive indications within these therapeutic areas
    • provide guidance for identifying key decision-driving aspects (including strategic, financial, regulatory, and clinical aspects)
Case Study Oncology: Indication Selection


  • Literature search/screening
    (> 5,000 abstracts)
  • Semiquantitative indication assessment
  • Assessment across > 12 pre-defined, customized criteria and quality-controlled data (SOP-guided data entry)
    (Disease Area, Indication, Incidence/Prevalence, Medical Need, Endpoint, Number of Clinical Trials, Number of Patients, etc.)


  • Highly customized assessment of > 1,000 indications according to the client´s needs
  • Provision of a core document for internal decision making

Key Benefits

  • Ranking of five disease areas
  • Prioritization of > 1,000 indications according to developability and medical need
  • Identification of > 700 additional potential indications, formerly not identified by the client
  • Identification of about 20 indications with the highest potential