Case Study Oncology: Value Assessment

The CEO of a biotechnology company hired L&C to:

  • Provide fact-based benchmarking and objective rating of a compound at phase I/II stage in order to:
    • provide objective, quantitative data that would support a second round of financing
    • allow future out-licensing activities
  • Value assessment of the compound with regards to current and future market potential
Case Study Oncology: Value Assessment


  • > 800 scientific abstracts and publications analyzed
  • Assessment of > 150 compounds
  • Assessment across > 35 predefined criteria
  • > 200 different analyses performed (see example on the left)


  • Benchmarking of the compound (safety, efficacy) against current and future compounds in the market
  • Highly comprehensive, objective, and quantitative rating of the compound
  • Identification of study-specific factors impacting on study outcome

Key Benefits

  • Fact-based information regarding compound value
  • Study design optimization for faster and more efficient R&D process
  • Change of the comparator compound in future trials
  • Successful negotiations with potential in-licensing partners
  • Company successfully closed a second financing round