Case Study Compound Selection for Repurposing

The project leader of a “compound repurposing” initiative hired L&C to:

  • Conduct an assessment of > 5,000 compounds (with clinical data) for their principal repurposing potential in order to:
    • systematically assess the available scientific data on each of these compounds with regards to safety, efficacy, and convenience
    • prioritize these compounds according to their biomedical potency
Case Study Compound Selection for Repurposing


  • Literature search/screening
  • Semiquantitative compound assessment
    (up to six abstracts/papers per compound)
  • Assessment across > 15 pre-defined criteria
    (Compound, Disease Area, Indication, Phase, Completion Date, Target, MoA, Efficacy, Safety, Reason for Termination, Number of Publications, Region, Sponsor, Patients Treated, etc.)


  • Selection of the 200 most promising compounds out of > 5,000 compounds, based on objective criteria
  • Ranking of 1,000 compounds in regard of their repurposing potential, based on quality-controlled biomedical data

Key Benefits

  • The report provided guidance for further in-licensing activities
  • The analyses allowed the client to relocate internal resources according to identified compounds/companies