Case Study CNS: Optimized Target and Best Indication Fit

To help define the future R&D strategy, the head of clinical development of a mid-size pharmaceutical company hired L&C to:

  • Assess the role of three related targets in 10 different indications:
    • identification of the most suitable indication for each of the selected targets
    • identification of the best out of the three potential targets
Case Study CNS Disorders and related Diseases: Optimized Target and Best Indication Fit


  • Literature search/screening (> 2,500 abstracts)
  • Objective data analysis of publications reporting on the role of the respective targets in patients suffering from selected indications
  • Semiquantitative assessment (only 5 out of 10 indications shown)


  • Clear identification of the most promising out of 3 targets across 10 indications
  • Identification of the ideal target/indication combination

Key Benefits

  • The client’s future R&D decisions were based in large part on the L&C analysis, which led to a general reshaping of the preclinical and clinical activities, resulting in a successful product launch