Case Study CNS: Indication Selection

The R&D senior management of a major pharmaceutical company
hired L&C to:

  • Evaluate the most promising CNS indication for a new biological substance class in order to optimize product development:
    • selection of the best out of three related indications, based on phase I/II data of a compound from a new biological substance class
    • investigation of a group of rarely observed side effects
Case Study CNS: Indication Selection


  • Assessment of 50 compounds in three different, related indications
  • Value assessment of the compound in comparison to established therapies for each of the three indications
  • > 100 different analyses performed (see one example on the left)


  • Benchmarking of three indications for the new biological substance class
  • Identification of the most comprehensive, objective, and quantitative performance rating for the client´s compound in each of the three CNS indications
  • Differential assessment of compound-class-specific side effects vs. indication-associated and compound-related side effects

Key Benefits

  • Client’s indication ranking mainly based on the L&C analysis
  • Identification of the least promising indication ended investment in this indication, resulting in cost saving
  • Definition of a fact-based target product profile
  • Clear demonstration that the observed rare side effect is compound-class-associated