Case Study Biopharmaceuticals: Portfolio Assessment

The business unit head of a biotechnology company
hired L&C to:

  • Evaluate the market potential of two biopharmaceuticals (one preclinical, one approved) for three different indications (plus eight subindications), based on scientific information:
    • global market assessment and region-specific assessment (US and EU)
    • assessment of the future market, including identification of the most important competitive threats
    • assessment of the most promising potential label expansions
Case Study Biopharmaceuticals: Portfolio Assessment


  • Assessing approved and competitors’ pipeline compounds in selected indications
  • SOP-controlled data entry and output
  • Highly comprehensive management of large amounts of preclinical and clinical data


  • Benchmarking of all approved and future compounds in respective indications, separated for the US and European markets
  • Identification of the most comprehensive, objective, and quantitative rating for potential different indications and subindications
  • Identification of the most promising potential label expansions

Key Benefits

  • Identification of additional indications/subindications that were introduced into the market
  • Due to increased importance of the respective products, the company successfully established an independent biopharmaceutical department, reaching several hundred million Euro revenue in the first year