Pharmaceutical Companies

Minimizing Risks in Pharmaceutical R&D

Whether you wish to optimize your study design, anticipate the preclinical and clinical outcomes of your studies (Phases I, II or III of clinical development), benchmark competitors, or manage your product pipeline and portfolio-evidence-based decision making is key to meeting your targets.

Minimizing Risk in Pharmaceutical R&D

Our unique L-Matrix Method, in combination with our exclusive L&C database, allows us to analyze an unequaled amount of literature using a quality-controlled, unbiased approach:

  • thousands of study publications (preclinical and clinical, human and/or animal models)
  • > 80 indications
  • up to 300 data points per study

The highly customized reports deliver graphical visualization of complex relations, e.g. impact of an alternative endpoint on overall survival or impact of certain inclusion/exclusion criteria on study outcome.

Our Services for Evidence-Based Decision Making