PD Dr. Johannes Lampe founded Lampe & Company in 2007. Today, the company is managed by Dr. Johannes Lampe and Dr. Claudia Behrens.


PD Dr. Johannes Lampe
CEO and Senior Consultant

Dr. Lampe is founder and CEO of Lampe & Company. Prior to managing his own enterprise, Dr. Lampe held several managerial positions at a major pharmaceutical company, with responsibility for clinical development programs covering a broad range of pharmaceuticals, including small molecules, therapeutic proteins, and gene therapy. In these roles, he regularly created strategies and methods for the optimization of clinical trial development and execution, which ultimately formed the basis for founding his own highly successful company. His industry career is underpinned by a strong research background in virology, oncology, and neurology. Dr. Lampe is a board certified neurologist and lecturer in clinical neurology.


Dr. Claudia Behrens
Senior Analyst and Consultant

Dr. Behrens joined Lampe & Company in 2008 as head of the analytical division. She is responsible for the development of the private database, data entry strategies as well as leading the team of experts. Dr. Behrens is key in providing the customized multidimensional reports to our clients and is the contact person during the project phase. She holds a master's degree in Biotechnology and received a PhD in Molecular Virology from the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin. Dr. Behrens's scientific track record covers neurology, autoimmune diseases, metabolomics, oncology, and molecular virology.